Human Stuff Thread #1: Creativity

Hello! This is the first Human Stuff Thread — a weekly space to share recommendations, experiences, tools & tips related to a topic of choice.

I get asked all the time for recs: books, recipes, healing modalities, creative practices, ritual ideas, writing tips… and everything in between. I thought it would be fun to carve out a space where we share recommendations each week based on a topic I bring — as a way of connecting, creating shared support, and curating a list of great resources from people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Moving forward, the weekly thread will be for paid subscribers only.

It is a work in progress /experiment and may shift and change as I get more feedback and practice — but I am hoping it will be a welcomed addition to this space (and most of you voiced excitement about it!).

So, for our first Human Stuff Thread: I’m thinking a lot about creativity lately — how to tap into it, how to express it, and where to get inspired. I’d love to hear from you: what supports you in accessing and expressing your creativity? How do you get inspired? What tools/practices/rituals/resources add guidance to your creative practice (or motivation to begin one)? Who inspires you creatively?

Share below! Thanks for being here.