Who am I, and what is Human Stuff?

Welcome to Human Stuff - my little creative sphere away from the scrolling, algorithm, and frenzy often found in online spaces.

Photo taken by my Sister Wendy Garrett in Tucson, 2019. It captures my essence.

About Me
I'm Lisa Olivera — a writer, an author, a creative, a guide, a therapist, a mother, an adoptee, a wife, a sister... but mostly, I'm a human on this path alongside you. Prior to starting this Substack, I shared daily on my Instagram account for years and, well, social media just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. Writing is something that brings out the best in me while connecting with others, and spending more time doing that here has been so enriching and fun. That’s what brings me here.

About Human Stuff
My writing is dedicated to the human experience — to human stuff. Most of my work centers around creating a more compassionate relationship with ourselves and embracing our full humanity. It centers mindfulness, curiosity, creativity, questions, nature, intuition, acceptance, mothering, identity, true self-care, grace, connection, mystery & the unknown, self-trust, presence, willingness, tuning inward, self-compassion, self-expression, and aliveness. Really, though, it centers what it means to be human, in all its messiness and complexity, difficulty and beauty.

Here, you will find a space off of social media to engage with my writing. You’ll find essays, musings, lists, links, poetry, advice, resources, guidance, questions, reminders, and other forms of creative expression aimed at bringing us closer to ourselves and each other. You’ll also find more personal writing, lyrical essays, and soulful sharing. Each Sunday, you’ll receive a (free) Sunday Letter in your inbox.

Why would I pay for writing, you might ask?

I am a firm believer in paying creators when we receive from them, whenever possible (and I know it isn’t always possible!). For paid subscribers, your monthly contribution to my work supports me in creating sustainability, reciprocity, and capacity to continue sharing my writing in accessible ways. It helps push against the idea that “content”, writing, and the emotional labor/time/energy behind it should always be free. It pays for the time I spend creating this work each week. Your support also allows me the time, space, and energy to continue creating Instagram content, my free weekly letter, writing projects, research, editing time, resource gathering, future nurturing offerings, and ongoing creative ventures with intention and care. Paid subscribers also support me in offering no-cost subscriptions to those who need it. Bonus: you’ll get access to a weekly community thread, a monthly audio recording, q&a, and journaling guide — from me to you. And, if being a paid subscriber just isn’t for you, you’ll still get my Sunday Letters each week.

My hope is that you will find this offering nourishing, supportive, inspiring, informative, grounding, meditative, thoughtful, connected, hopeful, and deeply human. I hope it inspires you to take some time for yourself, scroll a little bit less, and reflect. I so look forward to showing up here and sharing with you in more intimate, meaningful ways.

Take good care,


$0/Mo: Weekly Sunday Essay

$6/Mo or $65/year: Weekly community thread, Monthly audio recording with musings/q&a, journaling guide, other surprises, and my gratitude for you supporting my work.

$100/year: Founding Member — everything above, plus deep gratitude for your belief in and support of my work, as well as creating space for me to give free subscriptions to those who need it.

Each month, a portion of the proceeds of my Substack will be donated to an organization of choice. I will share which organization is chosen in the last Sunday letter of the month.


Is there a specific schedule for content?
The tentative schedule includes a weekly essay, sent out on Sundays, for all free subscribers. For paid subscribers, you’ll receive a weekly community thread,a monthly recorded q&a and musings podcast, along with a journaling guide, sent out at the end of each month. I may share at other times based on my own intuition, energy, capacity, and natural flow. I hope to model a different, more human-centered way of creating and offering.

What kinds of offerings will you be sharing here?
I will be sharing longer-form and more in-depth writing similar to what I share on Instagram, resource/links/inspiration roundups, monthly audio recording, q&a, and journaling guide, unforeseen surprises, and other offerings that feel aligned with whatever season I'm in. This space will shift and change as I do.

Why are you creating a Substack newsletter when you already have a newsletter?
I decided to shift away from my monthly newsletter to a Substack weekly letter and monthly audio recording/q&a/journaling guide. I frequently get asked to write more, to expand on what I share on Instagram, to start a podcast, for journaling prompts, et cetera. I love creating and sharing my writing/work, and I've also been sharing a lot at no cost for the last four years. I also have a value of spending way less time on social media. For my own sustainability/capacity and to honor my values of reciprocity, as well as my desire to move away from consumption culture and deepen my own writing practice, it feels aligned to create a space where folks wanting more can opt in for a small monthly cost that honors the work and energy I put into what I create and share. I also want to dedicate more time and energy to writing and creating! And, for those interested, you'll receive abundantly in return! If not, my free Sunday Letters and Instagram content will continue being a resource for you to access at no cost.

Will you share about the exact topics I want you to share about?
I am always open to hearing what feels supportive and helpful to folks, and try to draw from feedback when I create. With that said, I'm also a very intuitive and present writer, meaning I'll often create and share what I sense from the collective, what feels deeply resonant, and what I have a lot to say about.

*Disclaimer: Human Stuff is not therapy or a mental health service, nor is it a substitute for mental health services of any kind. I am not showing up in this space as a therapist — I am showing up here as a writer and fellow human. If you are looking for individualized support or therapy, please consult with your local mental health resources.

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Thanks so much for being here!

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